Have you ever wondered how to earn 100K a month, with ease?

(even though you have no f***ing idea how)

When was the last time you dared to dream greatly and followed a really big crazy dream?
When was the last time you dreamed big at all?

Love, your wait is over!

Everything you want and don’t yet have requires your growth in order to achieve it.  You cannot have something until you’ve grown into the person who receives it.

Nature is such an easy place to look to see evidence of spectacular growth 

under the right conditions.

Take a freshly planted seedling for example. With the right weather conditions, nutrients in the soil, and the proper amount of water and exposure to sunlight, it begins to grow and bloom into something radiant and even majestic.

Or the magnificent transformation of a butterfly from Egg, to Caterpillar, to Pupa, and inevitably to its beautiful emergence from its cocoon with a brand-new kind of freedom – vibrantly patterned wings to fly!

If you were to happen upon a cocoon with no knowledge of this natural cycle of a butterfly’s life, you might assume that there is no value to this seemingly uneventful Pupa stage.

But you would be oh so wrong.

There is an actual magical transformation taking place inside. And it wouldn’t be until you see the beautiful butterfly break free from the shell of its chrysalis that you would understand your misassumption, in retrospect.

Are you ready for your actual magical transformation?

Are you ready to finally step into your full bloom?

Are you ready for your time to shine?

Are you ready to give yourself what you really need to grow?

Are you ready to break the mold of what you were told to be and dare to live as you wish?

Are you ready to Dare Greatly toward the becoming of the REAL YOU?

This is for you.

Give us 8 weeks

8 redefining, life-enhancing, weeks, and we will help you find the clarity and confidence to bloom in all seasons.

This is what our clients think:

Mili Ristic
"Dare greatly made my life more easier. Made me think bigger than I used to think. I am still reviewing and rewatching the calls - your energy just brings sort of easiness and possibility that everything is possible. I learned to say NO and to say YES. I raised my prices without doubting or second thinking. I am noticing and acknowledging pearls of the day every day, and I use this principle with my clients too. I am more aligned with myself and the source. I ask Universe what I want. I listen my intuition … etc. The list is long 🙂 - I am so grateful for all your wisdom and guidance! ❤️🥰❤️ Thank you! ❤️"
Nat Bugeja
„Kathrin’s Coaching was truly magical from the start right through to the end. She helped me connect with a more abundant and prosperous version of me that enabled me to attract more with ease. Kathrin’s energy is so unique and I felt love and supported with high vibes the entire time. A few months after her Coaching I reached my new record of sales at 70K. I still keep going back to the lessons because they are truly so valuable. Forever grateful. 🙏🥰 Thanks so much beautiful. 🙏🥰❤️“
Peggy Hoover
„Dare greatly is an amazing course and I highly recommend! Kathrin has a beautiful energy and she thinks so differently with incredible results. She weaves together all of her experience in mindset, spiritual truths and business to deliver a clear path to fulfillment and wonderful abundance. All effortlessly with ease, joy and grace! I learned so much from her, but in particular that intuition is always perfect, dream big and then dream bigger, and have the courage to dare to step out on my big dreams! I’m forever grateful for my study with Miss Smarthead!“
Federica di Bartolo
„Dear Kath, we met almost three years ago, and I remember the feeling that “I was exactly looking for You, and you were my treasure”. I was looking for an answer to my many whys and you were the person who opened me the door to a bigger world. Bigger questions, bigger answers. I was facing one of the most difficult times in my life, my daughter was only a few months old, and I was already a single mother in a story where I was trying to get out of. Thinking Into Result was my first experience with you and I really experienced the change, having to unlearn and learn new thinks, new way to live and believe! Then I remember I was hoping to learn from you more, and then it happens, you came up with Dare Greatly and I made my biggest decision, deciding to spend more than I ever spend in me. It was a beautiful experience shared with people around the world, mentors and non. It was stunning, even now I can feel in my body all the highest vibrations. For me was really a helpful gift, that I will keep with me for therest of my life. You are the person who helped me grow, it was like if you gift me a „rose des vents" with which I can always find my higher self and my way and answers. Since this moment millions of beautiful things have happened, just last year my manager call me the Magic Lady, I have tripled my results at work and my salary increased. I know this is just the beginning and thanks to you now I believe I can reach everything I want. Forever Grateful for you and me.“
Danielle Amos
"I studied the Dare Greatly program with Kathrin in 2020, just as I manifested my first million dollar year in my business. It was truly incredible to be in Kathrin’a presence through this program. She is graceful and full of wisdom. Her feminine approach to business was completely new to me at that time, although intuitively I knew she was right. Kathrin has a veey unique way of making the Universe and manifesting easy to understand. I was ready and eager to apply this new way of being to my business. My life became easier, results manifested faster and I learned to love every single day. My relationship with my husband and daughter strengthened as I connected to myself in a more honest and authentic way. I am forever grateful for Kathrin and the Dare Greatly program.“

When you choose to join us in Dare Greatly, you are placing an energetic investment in your transformation.

Be ready to re-engage your imagination, and begin dreaming big dreams again. 

Do you remember when your dreams were vivid, dancing in your vision, filling you with passion, imagination, and excitement? Somehow, slowly, doubt crept in. Your vision became hazy, your dreams were put on pause, you found yourself unable to grow.

Think back to a time when you were young and you got caught up in a daydream. For a moment you were transported to another place and time in a land of your imagination.

Remember how anything seemed possible and how easy it was to delve deep into a fantasy land of your own design?

Until, that is, you were told to “get your head out of the clouds”, to “be realistic”, or even flat out that you couldn’t or shouldn’t do, be, or have something you desperately wanted. Those moments can create limiting beliefs that may still be holding you back.

So, let’s go ahead and clear up any remaining confusion, shall we?

There are no limits to what you can be, do, or have.

There are unlimited possibilities and opportunities available to you.

There are zero roadblocks on your path to get there, except you.

Just as sure as the caterpillar will inevitably become a beautiful fluttering butterfly, so is your ability to consciously create a life you love of your design.

To put it another way, at your core you are literally hard coded for abundance. The only reason you’re not experiencing it in all areas of your life is that you’re preventing yourself from receiving it.

Can you imagine a caterpillar resisting the next phase of their transformation? No, of course not. They allow each stage to begin and end when and how it should – they allow their becoming.

But people pinch themselves off from receiving what they dream and pray for.

People worry about what others may think and in doing so, hold themselves back.

In Dare Greatly, you will be releasing energetic blocks that you didn’t even know you had.

You’ll spend 8 weeks reigniting your dreams, your imagination, and your vision for your future. 

You will transform your self-confidence and step into a flourishing place of belief in yourself, in your capabilities, and in all that you can be, do, and have.

You will begin to see how you have been standing in your own way and step aside to allow yourself to break free from your limiting beliefs and fly.

Live the life you were born to live.

Here is what you receive when you dare take the leap and register:

Access to the Miss Smarthead member area which can be accessed from any modern computer or mobile device that has an internet connection. This enables you to work through your transformation from anywhere!

8 Modules of soul-building, belief-crafting recordings from Kathrin designed to help you transform your beliefs to support your bold dreams.

A supportive community to link arms with on your transformational journey in the Private Members Only Facebook Group. Here you will connect with other like-minded, growth-focused members of the Miss Smarthead community who are taking the same Dare Greatly journey.

When you work with us, you’re joining a community of like-minded women focused on changing the world from within themselves. The Miss Smarthead community is a safe space of openness, acceptance, and leading from love. It is a nourishing space where you will be able to grow freely, and to grow as big as you desire.

In this space, no one will be offended by your successes. No one will be dimmer when you shine brighter. In our community, true friendships and bonds are created. This is the place where you will be cheered on all the way to becoming the real YOU, to shining as brightly as you could ever imagine.

When you have completed Dare Greatly, your dreams will be in bloom, your vision will be clear, and you will be ready to climb out of your cocoon and soar.

This is the program that you’ve been waiting for, the one that will help you destroy the limiting beliefs that have kept you from sprouting, the one that will give you the tools you need to reach the heights you were made for.

It's time to step out of the shadows.

It's time to shine.

It's time to fly.

All you need to do is dare greatly

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