• Mindset, Money und Intuition
  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
  • Mindset, Money und Intuition
  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
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Grow like a wildflower.

Set an intention. Implement. And thrive …


The 24th of June is the special Pink Flamingo Day.

For this special day, we have a pinky, lovely offer for you.
Four programmes to

If I Started


Path to 10K

Heal your heart

Explore and fall in love

A selection of our programs

Miss Smarthead Signature

A glitter dusted year full of magic


Effortlessness Entrepreneur

Schreib Copy, die ein „full body YES“ und
„Ich bin dabei!“ bei deinen Traumkunden auslösen.


Meine Manifestationsgeheimnisse. Hands on. Ohne Schnickschnack.
Wenn du nur ein einziges Programm bei mir machst, dann DAS!
Es ist die Mutter aller Miss Smarthead Manifestationsmagic Programme.

Have you ever wondered how to earn 100K a month, with ease?
Let me teach you in this program!


Calling in the women who feel called to awaken her wild wise wealthy woman, feminine superpower, and inner lioness to show up in all her magic and inspire the world.

Iconic Programs

I’ am an entrepreneur for six years by now.
There is something about the ease and lightness and greatness that I mastered for my business that I want to share.

This is a journey to become an energetic match for your dream clients.

This summer is for growing…

and thriving.

Live your best life.

Filled with Wealth and Wisdom.
Filled with Ease and Effortlessnes.
Filled with Commitment and Dedication.
Filled with Midsommar Magic.