• Mindset, Money und Intuition
  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
  • Mindset, Money und Intuition
  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
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Dream big and live a limitless wealthy life

This is your glitter-dusted magical universe where everything is possible

You’re already successful and you know…

To live an extraordinary life you need to be surrounded by extraordinary people in an extraordinary space.

Welcome to the Miss Smarthead Universe.

Finally a space to be fully yourself, with like-minded soul sisters who will never judge you for dreaming big and brilliantly.

So that you can create the wealthy, easy, and joy-filled life you crave.

Magical monthly

mentoring with Kathrin


The community

that you have been manifesting


Access to 3 magical programs

that I teach within a year


Get inspirational spiritual reads

as I share what’s on my bookshelf
“My business is now easier - it's more trusting and surrendering

Kathrin talks to people on a subconscious level. She doesn’t speak to you — she speaks to your subconscious mind energetically.

Working with Kathrin helped me break so many limitations. It opened my mind to new and more powerful ways that are more aligned with me. Life becomes more joyous when you spend time with Kathrin, it becomes more fun. You become more magnetic and others are naturally more drawn to you.”

Vivien Paul

Business Mentorin

A telescopic look at the
Miss Smarthead Universe…

Join me live every month

In this sacred space I’ll be sharing my spiritual journey with you… my biggest, most beautiful AHA moments to help you live an easier, wealthier, joy-filled life.

You can ask me questions and I’ll share my honest, raw, and real vibrations in the moment.

In our treasured time together, we’ll go with the flow and see what magic we create. Sparkling dresses and red lipstick optional.

Your loving community of like-minded sisters

Your safe space to share the big, bold dreams that the “real world” doesn’t always understand…

The Miss Smarthead Universe Community has its own private portal (not on social media) and is the perfect place to meet other successful women on a spiritual journey. Who knows what magic will follow….

Get access to all Miss Smarthead Universe programs released this year

The only way to access the whole collection of these money-making, life-changing programs, which I teach live throughout the year. Including…

  • The Effortless Entrepreneur (business program)
  • Fabulously Feminine (femininity and spirituality program)
  • Moneyfest Magic (money program)
“Wow wow wow! I celebrate Kathrin because Kathrin changed everything for me.
I just jumped into her program. Honestly, I didn’t even think about how, what, or why. I trusted my intuition.
I’d never heard Kathrin’s way of thinking before but it has completely changed my life and also, especially my business.
Her deep and magical mentoring exposed everything for me… It allowed everything to fall away that was not aligned with me or my business.
Now my business has a new energetic signature and is very successful. The Mentoring has changed my life so positively. And just so easy-peasy. It really is pure magic what happens in Kathrin’s rooms. Deep gratitude and Deep LOVE ❤❤

Elisabeth Mauracher

CEO Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof

“Nobody told you it could be easy”

Price €3.333 a month
(Total for 6 months: €19,998)

See you on the inside