• Mindset, Money und Intuition
  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
  • Mindset, Money und Intuition
  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
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Magical mentoring where the worlds of business, spirituality, and mindset collide

Hi, I’m Kathrin!

My story started with a dream…

Confession: I don’t have one of those typical “struggle to success” stories.

I didn’t build my business out of my parents’ garage or spend years working 12 hour days, hustling and grinding.

No, my story just started with —

A feeling that there’s more in life and a dream that anything is possible

As a child, I pretended my Barbies and dolls were entrepreneurs that drove Ferraris and Rolls-Royces… the only thing that changed as an adult was — I dreamt of those things for myself!

I did the conventional thing after uni and got a corporate job. I was earning 6-figures in my 20s and everybody seemed to think “I’d made it” and “I should be satisfied” but I longed for something deeper… “I had this feeling that there’s more in life…”

So I kept my dream alive.

And I quit my job, unsure exactly what would come next…

I have a question for you

What if running your business felt as easy as a luxury spa day?

I’m here to tell you it’s possible because I’ve done it.

When I quit my job and launched Miss Smarthead in 2017, I ignored all the popular business advice (and everything I learned in my economics degree and the corporate world)…

I didn’t stress over marketing, work crazy long hours, or hire a huge team.

Instead, I did something different… I tuned into my intuition, feminine energy, and listened to my inner voice.

I allowed that voice to cut through the noise of the world and calmly guide me through the challenging decisions.

I focused just 5% on strategy and 95% on mindset.

And it worked.

I made my first 1 million € after just 10 months in business.
Five years on, that number had risen to 20 million €.

I built a multi-million dollar business with ease and joy, and so can you.

You’re not here to follow the rules

You’re here to make your own

I broke all the rules creating my multi-million dollar business and so can you

“You need a funnel”

“You must start with cheap programs”

“You’ll need a large team”

“You need two years of savings to survive”

“You need a larger audience”

“You need to save to be wealthy”


Here’s the truth

There is another way

When you open up your senses beyond the logical world, your boldest and wildest dreams can become your reality.

And it doesn’t feel difficult or hard.

It feels light, easy, joyful, and beautiful.
The way life should feel.

I’m not just another “money coach”

Warning: I’m not the right mentor for you if…

You’re just looking for a “show me how to be rich overnight” kind of mentor

You’re only on the personal development journey while it’s easy and you’re not willing to do the work through the difficult parts

You just want more money to show the world that you’re the greatest and feed your ego

Why? Because…
On the search for true happiness, money should never be the focus. It should always be the tool.

Money should never be your leader as it only leads to emptiness. Money is what follows when you are true to yourself…

When you are true to your integrity, love, joy, deep journey, healing, and awakenings — and when you learn how to use the energetics of money and frequencies of the universe.

It is time for a new paradigm of wealth and abundant women.

It is time for a space of love and truth.

How we make magic at

Your business should reinvigorate you instead of burning you out — and give you all the family vacations, long lunches, and Parisian shopping trips that you crave.

Once you follow joy, trust yourself with confidence, follow your intuition and inner voice…
… you start living your truth.

Ready to make magic?

“She weaves together her experience in mindset, spiritual truths and business...

To deliver a clear path to fulfillment and wonderful abundance. Kathrin has a beautiful energy and she thinks so differently with incredible results.

All effortlessly with ease, joy and grace! I learned so much from her, but in particular that intuition is always perfect, dream big and then dream bigger, and have the courage to dare to step out on my big dreams! I’m forever grateful for my study with Miss Smarthead!”

Peggy Hoover

Opulent Entrepreneur

“Kathrin is a magnifier for your inner voice

I was going through some self-doubt and confusion before I met Kathrin because I became very successful quite fast but I was being told to launch and do things in a traditional business way that didn’t feel right for me.

I asked myself, there must be another way… Is there somebody who thinks the same way I do or who can help me? And then Kathrin came into my life and spoke to my inner voice.

My biggest win from learning with Kathrin was learning to listen to myself. Now I live in a beautiful house in Austria that I manifested and I have a lot of customers but I think the biggest win is not the money, it’s a feeling — the feeling of trusting yourself, just believing in yourself.”

Steffi Ruijter

Miss Mindchanger

My dream, my why, my everything

My biggest dream? That children never forget how great they are.

Which is why we’ve given 600,000 € + to the incredible children’s charity Unstoppable Foundation, over the last five years.

They’re teaching children in Kenya how to use their minds for the future and we can’t think of anything more brilliant or beautiful than that.

5 things to know about

Guten Tag!

You won’t find me much on social media

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You won’t find me much on social media

I quit Instagram and Facebook in 2020 and took a break.

So you won’t find me there much, instead, I focus on nurturing my own community The Cosmos Club.

Guten Tag! I’m based in Germany

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Guten Tag! I’m based in Germany

And for the first five years, most of my programs were in German. I switched to English in 2022 so I could help more women around the world.

My last name is very similar to “wise head” in German, hence the name Miss Smarthead!

Warning: I’m not for everyone

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Warning: I’m not for everyone

I say what I want and never hold back — even if it’s not a popular opinion. If you’re not cool with that then that’s cool with me.

I’m a human on a spiritual journey and I don’t edit my words or beliefs for anyone.

We’re a small team with a big heart

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We’re a small team with a big heart

I am the only mentor at Miss Smarthead and supporting me is a small but brilliant team that helps make our brand what it is today.

Love and caring are two of our core values here at Miss Smarthead so get ready for a whole lot of love if we work together!

I celebrate money with joy and love

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I celebrate money with joy and love

Whether it’s buying a new Chanel handbag, jumping on a private jet, or donating thousands to the Unstoppable Foundation, money should be celebrated.

With money you can create anything you want and be a change maker. And that’s why we talk about it, openly and with joy!