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  • Mindset, Money und Intuition
  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
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Inspired by Haute Couture

Posted on Oct 11th, 2023

If you have already been in my world for a little bit of time,

or if you have payed close attention to our website and my pictures you might have noticed that I loooooove fashion. I love luxury brands, I love handbags and I love Haute Couture.

And I also love to explain what I teach in handbags (little insider – if you know you know ;))

I love getting inspired by brands like Dior and Chanel. I love the exclusivity of Hermès.

And I love to bring what I learn from them into my own business.

Now you may wonder: „But Kathrin, you sell online coaching and mentoring, not fashion?“

Yeah, so what? Let me explain how I run my business with key takeaways from luxury fashion.

Here is 7 tips for your successful business inspired by Haute Couture:
No 1. Attention to Detail

Haute Couture designers meticulously attend to every detail, approaching their craft with intention and precision. Every stitch and embellishment is a deliberate step in creating a masterpiece. I learned to always pay attention to the  finer aspects of my client’s goals and challenges. I learned to take time, engage with my community, get to know them better, ask them questions and do polls every now and then. I learned to do everything with the purest intention of creating marvelous mentoring masterpieces.

No. 2 Personalization

Haute Couture garments are custom-tailored to fit an individual perfectly. Well to be honest I have never been a fan of 1:1 coaching, but there is still a major takeaway from this: a custom-tailored fit in Haute Couture is just like your custom written copy to your absolute dream client. Yeah I know, you don’t want to attract only one client obviously, but strong and successful copywriting is always only talking to this ONE unique avatar.

No. 3 Quality Over Quantity

Luxury fashion often prioritizes quality over quantity. Do I launch a new program every week? No. Do I believe that more Live Calls or more Recordings in my mentorings and coachings mean it is more valuable? No. It is the quality of my knowledge and my teachings that brought me to where I am now.

No. 4 Innovation and Creativity

This may be my favorite one!  Haute Couture is known for pushing the boundaries of creativity and coming up with new unique ideas. Outside of the box thinking? Trying new things? Acting disruptively and pushing society-set boundaries? Doing business like no one else has ever done before? Selling in a way others said was impossible? Well sign me up! You know that’s my speciality. And again, Haute Couture and me have one more thing in common.

No. 5 Timelessness

Just as Haute Couture pieces are timeless and enduring, so is anything you learn about mindset. So is everything you learn in my programs. We’re doing this for a lifetime. Everything you learn, you learn over and over again. On a deeper level. For a lifetime.

No. 6 Exclusive Experiences and Events

The luxury fashion industry offer exclusive experiences, making customers feel valued and special. Yes, me and my team love to go the extra mile. Not because we think it is necessary or not enough if we didn’t do so. But do you know how much fun, excitement and joy it brings us to create one-of-a-kind-experiences for you!?

No. 7 Storytelling

Luxury fashion brands tell compelling stories about their creations. And the creation of my programs is full of stories! Real knowledge, experienced knowledge is not found in books. You need to live through moments. To feel and experience. To observe closely. So every one of my programs is full of stories like when I bought my first Porsche or how I found out how to buy an Hermes bag or how I manifested Business Class for the first time. It is those stories that I learn from and those stories that will help you expand your mindset and run your successful business with effortlessness and ease.

And just like I did with Haute Couture, there is so many aspects and areas of life that can teach you so much about your business. Be open to observe. Knowledge is found everywhere.