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  • Mindset, Money und Intuition
  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
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A very vulnerable share

Posted on Jan 14th, 2024
A few years into my business, I realized I lost my joy.

I still had joyful moments but it felt harder to really feel it through and through. I more and more slipped in and out of joy. For different reasons. The whole world situation was for sure not the best circumstance to feel joy easily. And that was not the main only thing.

I had reached a level in my business with over 10 million. In a time so short that I have never heard of it before. Anyway, thats not the point. The point is, it was a level that wherever I was looking around for a mentor it was about system, structure, ads, more planning, more team, and all these things. And my body definitely did not have a full body yes. More a full body no no no. But I mean after a while, when you hear that over again, when it seems to be THE truth, you kind of start thinking… „Am I on the wrong track?“, „Maybe they are right?“, „Maybe it was just luck and it can not be that easy forever?“…

You know how it felt? As if I was back at school and the teacher tells me „this is the way it works“ and I felt like a failure because I had just no motivation at all to do it that way.

Funny, hmm? A 10 million failure. 🙂

Honestly I went through some ups and downs. The biggest thing I struggle with is to fully deeply trust myself and my path and that I have to share something with the world, even if it is not common sense of entrepreneur tips.

Every time I hear a story of a female entrepreneur, who just tells how she worked until burnout but “at least she makes 8-figures and now” she has everything in place and is still busy but knows how to prioritize and work through it with her routines, I feel like „WHY are you doing that?“. Every time I hear stories of struggles about losing money with wrong hirings, wrong investments, wrong whatever I ask myself “would we have all that, if we understood that the abundance of money works in both directions?” Not just the way up but also when you’re up so that you never become too addicted and attached to it and can be peaceful with a break, a lower month, even a lower year.

We live in a really crazy society. We hustle, we have an awakening, we take a new path, we have new great results and when we have an absolute high moment we start hustling again because we still run the pattern of more more more.

I have moments where I can feel really intimidated by all the „professional“ business advice. I have moment where I can feel like a super not „professional“ super failure of an entrepreneur.

And yet there is this little voice that says „Honey… when you made 10 million in such a short time and even over 20 million in just five years, you might have stumbled upon something, at least a few people would love to hear about.“

So I keep talking about it, teaching about it, leading with it.

But I also want you to know… you’re not alone if you ever question yourself or struggle. It can even be more, the more successful you are. At least for a while. It’s ok. You are ok.

Just take a breath and take the next step.

One intuition at a time.