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  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
  • Mindset, Money und Intuition
  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
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This is not it. There is more.

Posted on May 10th, 2023

You don’t have to be vegan, to be spiritual. 

You don’t have to be a millionaire, to be rich. 

You don’t have to arrive at a destination or achieve your dreams, to be wise and live fulfilled. 

In fact the most spiritual, richest, wisest and most fulfilled way to live? 

It‘s when you don’t care and are not attached to any of this. 

I know, you know this: 

You’ve achieved so much in your life. You had dreams, you set goals. And you skyrocketed, overachieved. Not one time. Many times.

But there’s this voice, that you already know „Is this it? Is that all? Isn’t there more?“.

There’s this feeling of boredom, emptiness, looking for new adventures and more meaning.
You thought this time it is different. You thought you already went on the path of enlightenment and elevation, so this question is just for beginners.

But now the voice is back: „Is this all?“. 

No, honey! It is not! And you tried it all… 

The next level money coach. The spiritual teacher. The super next level money coach. Bigger goals. The investment coach. Buying new things. Building a team. The relationship coach. Creating new programs. The super duper next level money coach. 

And every time it was new and fun and interesting first.

But the voice came back soon. „Is this it?“

Some even need a breakdown, „diagnosis“, divorce or any other kind of crisis to listen. 

I sometimes needed it before I took it seriously. 

I also tried to overcome it with my smart thinking and focus. Because energy flows where focus goes, right? 

So I just tried to think „harder“ how amazing my life is, how satisfied and happy I can be with all that I had achieved. 

But the voice came back „Is this it?“. 

Do you listen this time?

Are you courageous enough to go beyond money and yourself to follow the voice, the question, the unknown? Are you bold enough to once again take the uncomfortable way instead of the one where you thought you figured it all out and just know how the rest of your life looks like? Are you ready for a life beyond your predictable manifestations? Beyond survival mode and playing it safe? 

Your soul calls for it. Your soul is here, curious for new adventures to live her real truth: infinite potential. 

You’re meant for more, my love. Don’t be afraid. It’s gonna be so much fun.