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Where the worlds of spirituality, mindset, and business collide to transform your life

This is your safe space to manifest and dare greatly so that you can…

Earn what you want and…

Change the world


Hi, I’m Kathrin Weishäupl and I’ve got a secret to share with you…

Running a multi-million dollar business doesn’t need to be so hard.

It can feel as beautiful and simple as you imagined it would be when you were a child.

There’s a different path, a lighter path. It’s illuminated with soft, shimmering lights and sprinkled with magic.

Come and walk with me…

“Kathrin has an awareness that is unique. I would sit down and listen to this woman very carefully, employ her, get her to coach you, and then do exactly what she says!”

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Everything you want in life is possible.

All of those big, beautiful dreams that you’re secretly harboring? They can all become your reality.

Without hustle, heaviness, or hard work.

At Miss Smarthead we do things differently… We turn dreams into reality with the magic that’s in your mind.

Want to see how?

“After working with Kathrin, I was still in that higher energy, and I had my best month — I earned $70,000

Because of her abundant energy, I naturally felt at ease when she talked about money. It changed how I felt about money. But more than that, she helped me become more relaxed so I could start to really enjoy my life.

Now every time I fall back into old habits of pushing and grinding, I just listen again to her recordings to shift my energy and attract more with ease and joy.”

Natalia Bugeja

Matt & Nat Mindset

“I had more inner transformation listening and talking to Kathrin than when I was mentored by Bob Proctor

I run my own coaching business where I now make over $2 million per year and I can say for sure that Kathrin has had a big influence on my business. Kathrin is the most effortless person I know and that’s why she is so special. Most people that create great results struggle and grind, but she is creating mind blowing results as easy as water runs downhill. She makes you believe in magic. Kathrin plays at a whole different level.”

Tigran Unanjan

Accelerated Lifestyle

What if it’s possible?

And you could have it all.
The wealth, the joy, the lightness.
And what if I told you, it’s easy…