• Mindset, Money und Intuition
  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
  • Mindset, Money und Intuition
  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
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Wholy Wealthy World – The Mastermind

If you have a great life but secretly you’re craving more…

Then this is for you — welcome to the magical space where I’ll be your personal mentor

Welcome to the world where millionaires find lightness, ease, and joy

You’re wildly wealthy and you’ve nailed the marketing and sales, which is why you’re enjoying $100k+ months…

But it still feels hard sometimes? Or you don’t have consistency in your results? And you’re eager to learn more to raise your awareness and your results? You know there is always more room for growth?

Internal growth so you can become wholy* wealthy. Inside and out.

The kind of growth that makes you love yourself with new eyes, trust yourself implicitly, and gives the microphone to your beautiful and insightful inner voice. Total and utter fulfillment.

That’s when the magic really starts.

*Yes, we made this word up. It’s when you go beyond money, with money…
it’s so sacred and special that no other word exists for it


Wholy Wealthy World

An exclusive mastermind with Kathrin Weishäupl for wealthy women who want to replace stress with joy and swap hustle for flow
This intimate group may be perfect for you if…
  • You have a great life. And you want more. More money and more meaningful, spiritual growth and awareness
  • You believe in a life best lived… greatly and glamorously with an abundance of glitter and gratitude
  • You’re bored of small-thinking masterminds and mentors that just teach strategy and hustle
  • You’re on a spiritual journey and you know that internal work will propel you to greater things
  • Your soul is yearning to be surrounded by like-minded women who dream without limits and embrace sisterhood instead of jealousy

At your level, the biggest challenge can be finding the right mentor…

Because you’re at the top.

Am I the right mentor for you?

Only you can know that. Listen to your intuition and inner voice and let that guide you.

But I can tell you this —

After making 20 million € in five years, I believe that whole wealth can only be found when you focus on the invisible… when you shift your mindset, your energy, and your awareness.

And that is what I will share with you inside the Wholy Wealthy World.

How to go beyond money, with money.
What’s Included

Our magical moments together

Exclusive mentoring every two weeks

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Exclusive mentoring every two weeks

We’ll have intimate calls where you can ask me anything (and I mean ANYTHING!) — from spirituality and mindset to business and money, nothing is off limits in our precious time together.

In-person luxury retreat

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In-person luxury retreat

We don’t just talk about wealth inside this sacred mastermind — you will live, enjoy, and breathe it. You’ll be invited to my glamorous exclusive annual retreat and will have a seat at the Millionaire Table, where we make magic in-person.

Your intimate community

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Your intimate community

Finally, a space to be wholy you without judgment — our community portal is the perfect place to connect and be truly yourself with like-minded sisters.

1:1 direct access to me

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1:1 direct access to me

Send me direct messages through our community portal and I will personally get back to you so you can ask me anything between our scheduled calls.

Come grow with us
Indulge in the beauty of your being
Claim and attract your best life
“I’ve learned how to be truly happy with myself

I was successfully running a 7-figure business when I met Kathrin and I thought no one could coach me because no one’s in the position that I’m in — running a million dollar business with two small children…

But Kathrin created a nurturing space so I could explore without judgment, she helped me explore my feminine powers and go deeper with spirituality. She’s helped me put less pressure on myself and I’ve learned how to be truly happy with myself regardless of what I’m earning. Now it doesn’t matter where I am, what I’m doing, I know that I’m unconditionally worthy.

Kathrin perfectly balances spirituality with the mechanics of business.”

Karen Brook

Mindset Coach

“Kathrin helps you realise your potential and that’s such a gift

There aren’t many people that embody what they believe like Kathrin does — she finds wonder in every moment and can harvest the good and bad times.

She has such a magical energy — the way she describes things and asks you questions, it’s not from a judgment place, it’s like reflecting back to you. She understands and sees things that most people don’t. And it’s pretty remarkable.

There have been a few instances where my interactions with Kathrin have changed my life… I took bigger risks after being around Kathrin, I’d be quicker to say yes to things and became bolder, which resulted in a lot of abundance into my life. The universe rewarded me for that and my business grew.”

Danielle Amos

Manifestation Coach and Mentor

It’s a woman’s world