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  • Mindset, Money und Intuition
  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
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I don’t believe in triggers

Posted on Sep 14th, 2023

Imagine Italy selling holidays there by saying it’s not nice in France. 

Imagine a Ski Resort selling holidays there by saying the beach is no fun. 

Imagine anyone selling you holidays by saying you’re stupid and there is something wrong with you if you stay at home. 

Imagine a holiday ad that said: “Are you feeling tired and burnt out? All you do is fight with your husband or children and you almost want a divorce? Better book our 2-week holiday offer!” 

That’s what the coaching industry does. 

Honestly? WE CAN DO BETTER! 

I have been in this business for over 5 years now. I have done all sorts of different things. I have learnt all sorts of different ‘techniques’ and ‘strategies’. 

I am at a point in my business and in my life where I feel there’s a way that does not come from trigger. 

Not the trigger we so often use in this industry. As if coaches and mentors have a universal excuse to (mis)use trigger. 

I don’t believe in trigger anymore. 

Not as a coaching technique. „Trigger as long as the pattern goes away“ (and leave the clients traumatized). 

Not as a marketing tool. „Trigger enough and they will buy“ (and attract clients who just had their wounded inner child activated to buy, not their empowered adult self). 

I believe in inspiration. 

I believe in clients who love to spend money, love to buy, love to consume great stuff. 

I believe in clients who book holidays out of joy and fun, to see new places, to learn more, to expand their mind and heart and soul. 

And I believe in clients who buy coaching and mentoring for the same reasons. 

I believe in a culture and standard of the coaching industry where mentoring is used to activate and teach more greatness, not to fix people. 

And where we don’t use the excuse „but we have to trigger them otherwise they won’t buy“. (Let me say it again: this is just true for a very specific kind of client and clients in their pain moments, not in their greatness!) 

Of course it’s an easy way to sell with the trigger. The question is, do you enjoy it, are you ready for the backfire energy (yes honey, you’ve manifested the struggle), are you really attracting the clients you want to work with for a long time and are you attracting clients who love to work with you for months and years and forever? 

Does this mean you will never feel triggered again? No. Do I have to trigger you extra? No. Do you need to feel triggered? No. What would it change for you if you could see it as new inspiration, something that’s simply not yet normal and out of comfort zone for you? 

I am at a place in my business and in my life where I would rather take the time to find a better way than the cheap fast food way.

I’d rather drive a little slower than some and can enjoy the view on the journey more. I’d rather walk a little slower than some and have breath for much longer, don’t run a sprint but a marathon (ok, you know me – that’s not really happening, just a metaphor haha). 

And the funny thing is, I still achieve more than most entrepreneurs do in their entire careers. 

You get my point! 

Take a moment and check in with yourself to see if all the things people are telling you you need to do for marketing and sales are really making your heart sing. 

Because there’s one more thing… 

Have you noticed? 

Those who tell you that you can’t do your brand images like that… sell brand marketing. 

Those who tell you that you have the wrong system… sell systems. 

Those who tell you that you don’t know how to hire people… sell help with hiring people. 

What if we didn’t have to tell people what they can’t and don’t know in order to sell anything? 

Just to tell them our little tiny version of the whole universe? 

What if we attract clients with ease because they love and enjoy working with us, and we simply help them find and trust their own beautiful magic – because they have a gift within them that is unique within the entire universe? 

Think about that! 

And raise your standards.

Of selling. 

Of marketing. 

Of coaching. 

Of being.