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  • Mindset, Money und Intuition
  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
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The Work

Posted on Mar 26th, 2023

You could live this life like anyone else.

In reality, 3D, with your senses. You could do business like anyone else. By working. Usually really hard.  

When you’re here in my world, chances are very high that you don’t want that. Probably you already have a feeling that this feels kind of wrong and not right for you. You know something. And even if you cannot really describe what you know, even if you don’t have enough earthly words for it, you know somehow there’s more. There has to be more…

And you‘re right!  

Let’s put it very simple: 

You can work hard on the outside where you work for years for what you want and maybe somehow getting there, tired and exhausted, not being able to enjoy it. Or you do the work on the inside, overcome the illusion of time and space and attract and receive what you want in no time, like out of nowhere. 

So what is the work? 

Disconnect from reality, the so called „normal“. Live in a totally new state of being. A state of creation, not survival. Connect with what you want really really deep, not just intellectually but emotionally. Become this new version of yourself BEFORE you are there. Surrender to receive it. 

No matter how long it takes or what it takes. The only reason that keeps you away is you stepping back and forth with excitement and doubt, belief and disbelief. The only reason you don’t have yet what you want is that you’re just not yet good enough in being the one you wanna be and still be more of your old self. And that’s ok. It just is. Just keep going.  

The work itself is not hard work. And it is work, because your mind will stop you if you are not conscious and aware.

The work is happening in every single moment. Every moment that you can choose between living in the so called normal reality or the world where you really create what you want. Every moment where you catch yourself going unconscious and stay in the thoughts and feelings and emotions that really create the future you want. 

People say „Kathrin, give me the how, the to do list, the coaching“. What they mean is, give me a step by step process that takes 10 minutes so I can have my new life. 🙂 

People practice playing tennis, piano, golf, they practice painting and singing, they are ok if a child needs 9 months or flower seeds take time to grow. But then they want a „change me over night“ for their really big dreams. They don’t wanna exercise, don’t wanna do the work. 

Here’s what I suggest: Become a lifelong student of this beautiful work. Don’t see it as work but life itself. The journey. The adventure. Because that’s what it really is. A journey over a lifetime with dedication and devotion to growth, reprogramming everything. With grace and gratitude. 

Is it worth it? Oh yes. 

I mean… just look around. Do you like the boxes of reality? Do you like the limits of society? Do you love your own box of life?  

No? Change! 

Yes? Change again and grow to an even greater version of yourself. Not just a richer one with money. A greater one of yourself. One who contributes even more to everything and everyone. One who loves even more. One who is even less attached to things and becomes even more limitless. 

Life is a journey. It’s a game. 

And you become better by practicing in awe for the miracles and adventures that are waiting for you on the other side of your limits and paradigms and habits. 

Enjoy it, honey! 

Love, Kathrin