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We often forget…

Posted on Mar 27th, 2023

We often forget…

…to be grateful for moments that have past already. In a world of more more more, higher higher higher and faster faster faster, we don’t really fully embrace and feel and breathe this beautiful feeling of gratitude.  

This morning I woke up and my amazing friend sent me this short clip. (You can watch it here 😉) What a beautiful reminder. What a moment. When Bob Proctor started to quote me in front of thousands of people around the world in summer 2020. And continued doing it in videos and books.  

Here’s the thing. When you achieve things you could have never imagined being possible, it feels so natural to you that your little logical mind wants to play it down. „It’s luck“, „It’s just a sentence“, „It’s not that big“, „It’s ok“… blablabla.  

And it makes sense – because you’ve already become that new version of you. You don’t look at it from the version of your „smaller-I-have-big-dreams“-version anymore. You look at it from your now version. And then it feels so normal, that it feels small. 

That’s why a million is super small when you earn it. And even 20 million. Haha.  

Sometimes it’s a beautiful thing to remember that moment in which you were sitting in a hotel bar talking to a colleague, saying „I will become the German Bobbina“, giggling like a teenager because just thinking of working with Bob Proctor felt so unreal and unachievable. Moments in which you remember that just one month later you met him for the first time, started working with him, and just a few months later as his one and only 1:1 student worldwide and then the moment he quotes you because he knows who you are, respects you, you inspire each other, learn from each other, call each other friends.  

Two years. Between the giggling teenager moment and Bob quoting me around the world. 

It all starts with a dream… 

And all of a sudden you are your next you. 

And at the same time it’s just the beginning…