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  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
  • Mindset, Money und Intuition
  • Du willst die Essenz von Miss Smarthead?
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What if your task is only to outgrow yourself?

Posted on Jul 12th, 2023

Dear magic woman,

what if your task is only to outgrow yourself?

Many feel the call of adventure, of longing, of growth. They dream of an easy, serene and above all self-determined life. They dream of courage and determination, of freedom and joy.

Yet many don’t take the next step because their mind holds them back. They are afraid of what it would mean to change something, they are afraid of pain and of losing something. Afraid to acknowledge their true greatness or to rise above anyone. Beyond their partner, parents, siblings, friends or themselves.

Because if they answered the call, they might fall out of the nest…. and fly. 

Still so many remain sitting in their warm nest, looking at the same horizon every day, continuing to dream of a life outside.

And as time goes by, the longing in their heart becomes quieter and quieter, and they tell themselves that they have nothing exciting to offer the world anyway.

What if your only job is to sparkle and inspire the world?

And to rise above everything and everyone you encounter. Even beyond the person you meet in the mirror every day.  

In the past, I also made myself small and kept myself in the background often. Today, I speak in front of several hundred people on stage. No matter who I meet and how successful he or she already is, they listen to me. They are fascinated. Thrilled. Sometimes speechless. When they hear what is possible. When they realize how much they have been holding back. When they sense that they are still working far too hard, allowing themselves far too little, and still have so much more in them.

I’ve found that when I was told, „dreams are dreams,“ they were lying.

That you can’t achieve what you dream of. That you’re not good enough. That it’s hard. That there is something to be afraid of.

Quite the opposite! It’s the wildest, coolest, most beautiful, deepest journey when you allow yourself to dream! Bigger every day! And making a little more of it come true every day. As endless as the sky and the stars are, and as powerful as the bright moon is, there is an infinite universe at your side. That conjures the wonders into your life. If you’re willing to go for your dreams….

The how is not your business.

Dreaming is.

So dare to go for your dream! Dare big! That’s what you’re here for! To rise above, to sparkle and to inspire.

Imagine how cool this will be when our kids don’t even have to remember to dream… because they won’t ever forget what their dreams are and to believe in them. No one will tell them that dreams are dreams and they should rather learn something “smart”.